When you head to school or use the subway, there are probably quite a few things you take for granted. Working sinks and toilets, for example, are considered common amenities – but that doesn’t mean they’re easy to install. In fact, public works plumbing requires quite a bit of specialized care and maintenance. Experienced professionals spend quite a bit of time ensuring that plumbing that can hold up to the rigorous demands of daily public use is laid in place and remain functional year after year.

Pipe Pros Plumbing, Inc. Can Help
Whether the project is big or small, Pipe Pros Plumbing can help ensure that it is a successful one. Our team understands the intricacies and logistics of public works plumbing and the importance of working with a larger team and adhering to timelines and budget estimates. If you’re in need of skilled professionals to help complete your public works project in the Southern California area. Pipe Pros Plumbing can help.

Past Projects
Our team has significant experience in public works plumbing and have seen many projects to completion. This includes working on metro stations, public housing, university campuses, public and private schools, and public service buildings like firehouses. We even have experience with military and federal projects.

Our Credentials
In addition to years of experience in public works plumbing, you can check out our license # (909260) and our affiliations with United Association.

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